The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR) has published its 2017-2018 Annual Report, which shares how each division has played a critical role in preserving and delivering IALR’s mission on a daily basis. 

“Every decision, every goal, every metric centers on positively impacting and transforming our region’s economy,” said Mark Gignac, IALR’s Executive Director. “We feel so strongly about fulfilling this mission that we dedicated the theme of the Annual Report to ‘Driving Economic Transformation: Discovery. Opportunity. Progress. Greatness.’”

Select copies of the Annual Report are available in print format at IALR as well as online. The online version is accessible at and includes interactive segments and videos. The content reveals:  (1) how IALR’s Applied Research division has discovered scientific breakthroughs to fuel product development efforts of new and existing industry; (2) how the Advanced Learning division has created opportunity for students and the emerging and legacy workforce of the region; (3) how the Economic Development division has powered progress by attracting and retaining top industry to Southern Virginia; and (4) how the Institute Conference Center has hosted greatness with a state-of-the-art venue, on-site catering, professional staff and 21st century advanced technology. 

“The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research is fortunate to enjoy the support of a multitude of equally minded partners dedicated to transforming our region’s economy,” said Gignac. “To try to name each one would be a futile effort, but we truly appreciate their collaboration, which has helped produce the milestones achieved and outlined in the Annual Report.”

In addition to the recap of achievements, the report also reminds audiences of new developments. In March, IALR’s Board of Trustees voted for the first time since its inception to add a new, fifth division, Advanced Manufacturing, effective July 1. In his letter on page 7, IALR’s Board Chairman, The Honorable Donald Merricks, touches on the importance of the division to revitalization efforts and how it serves as an example of IALR’s commitment to grow this valuable industry sector. Because the timing of the new division fell outside the Annual Report’s concentrated time span, it will be detailed more fully in future publications. 

“I hope people enjoy the content and design of the report,” said Gignac. “To emulate our organization’s forward-thinking approach, we integrated a smart balance of color, contemporary graphics and visual storytelling to portray the metrics and milestones significant to IALR’s revitalization mission.”



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