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Scott Lowman, PhD


Director of Applied Research

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Research lies at the heart of the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research’s (IALR) mission of transforming Southern Virginia through economic development. With a unique combination of expertise, scientific resources and equipment, advanced learning, and public and private sector relationships, IALR’s research areas have developed a pathway for innovation to reach the market.

"While it is important to understand what research is, it is vital to our region what research does!”

Ben Davenport

IALR advances research in the key areas of Agriculture and Polymers. These departments are reinforced by scientists who are leaders in their respective fields, and equipment and instrumentation that enables them to expand the boundaries of knowledge and conduct valuable testing and analysis for partners and clients.

IALR offers a range of technical services as well. Well-equipped biology, chemistry and polymer laboratories are capable of providing rapid assessments of product and process development.



Endophyte Research

Endophyte Research

Institute scientists are building a library of endophytes to explore a promising new field of study....

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