Kedong Da, PhD
Senior Scientist
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Research Interests:

Over the past 20 years, my primary research focus has been plant tissue culture commercialization, molecular plant breeding and molecular plant biology. The crop species I am interested in includes high value horticulture crops (hellebores, azalea, daylily, lily, orchid, rose, lisianthus, sinningia, amaryllis, begonia, petunia, iceland poppy, xsanthosoma, and fruit trees including grape, apple, pear, and peach ) and biofuel crops (Miscanthus, Arundo Donax). The breeding method we currently utilize involves DNA markers and in vitro mutation breeding. I am also interested in plant DNA methylation analysis through the use of methylation sensitive amplification polymorphism (MSAP).

Current Research:

  • Commercial tissue culture - The objective is to develop high throughput, cost effective tissue culture protocols to propagate high value horticulture and biofuel crops. We use both solid and liquid culture system in our research; somatic embryogenesis and bioreactors are my preference.
  • Plant in vitro breeding - We use in vitro mutation breeding systems (induced mutation breeding and ploidy breeding) to create new plant materials. DNA markers (RAPD, AFLP, MSAP) were used in early mutant selection and confirmation.
  • Molecular Biology - DNA methylation is believed to play an important role in plant stress biology; I am interested in DNA methylation changes in plant-beneficial endophyte interactions. This study is closely connected with organic agriculture by reduction of fertilizer application.




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Kedong Da, PhD - Publications

Selected Publications

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