About our Precision Agriculture

IALR’s precision agriculture team leverages new technologies to assist farmers throughout the region. The team’s goal is to use the technology to provide information to expedite the plant’s growing process and cut back on the amount of time required to identify problem areas. This allows regional farmers to become more efficient and, ultimately, more successful. 


Current Projects Include:

  • Introducing new technologies to regional farmers through education and outreach

  • Researching smart-farming technology and applications

  • Utilizing remote sensors for noninvasive, high-resolution, multi-spectral and thermal data collection

  • Applying algorithms to detect changes in crop health before symptoms and signs of stress and disease are visible to the eye

  • Analyzing data to reduce agricultural inputs

Meet Our Team

Precision Agriculture

Scott Lowman, Ph.D.

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Office: 434.766.6628
Meet The Team

Key Programs

SMART Tables

Since 2014, IALR scientists have used two SMART tables for precision agriculture research. The SMART tables, which are precision imaging platforms to record and track plant growth, provide insight into plant population responses to environmental stimuli without harm to the plant and under controlled conditions. 

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IALR launched a precision agriculture program in 2017 to assist local farmers with field inspections. Scientists use the drones like the AgBOT, a fully autonomous drone designed for precision agricultural applications with thermal and multispectral cameras, to analyze data from crops.

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