How can we serve you? An alphabetical listing of our staff follows. For a listing by department, please click here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Name Position Contact
Public Relations & Communications Manager
OFFICE: 434.766.6766 
Program Manager – Community Health Workers
OFFICE: 434.766.6634
Research Assistant
Office: 434.766.6788
Senior Accountant
Office: 434.766.6733
Program Coordinator I – AmeriCorps
Office: 434.766.6631
Human Resources Manager
Office: 434.766.6747
IT Specialist II
OFFICE: 434.766.6638
Program Coordinator II
Office: 434.766.6786
Senior Scientist
Office: 434.766.6704
Finance Specialist I
OFFICE: 434.766.6753
Program Coordinator II
Office: 434.766.6729
Research Assistant – Bioinformatics
Office: 434.766.6715
Communications Specialist
Office: 434.766.6610
Event Planner and Service Operations Coordinator
Office: 434.766.6702
Marketing and Sales Manager
Office: 434.766.6743
Research Assistant
Office: 434.766.6656
Facilities Maintenance Mechanic
Office: 434.766.6735
Program Coordinator I
Office: 434.766.6745
Program Coordinator II
Office: 434.766.6772
Director of Advanced Learning
Office: 434.766.6711
IT Technician
OFFICE: 434.766.6720
Project Manager – Certified Work Ready Communities
Office: 434.766.6750
Director of Institute Conference Center & Facilities
Office: 434.766.6722
Director of Economic Development
Office: 434.766.6707
Executive Director
Office: 434.766.6685
Executive Administrative Assistant
Office: 434.766.6605
Research and Communications Specialist
Office: 434.766.6771
Finance Specialist
OFFICE: 434.766.6619
Research Associate
Office: 434.766.6643
Grants and Contracts Manager
Office: 434.766.6730
Research Scientist
OFFICE: 434.766.6635
Research Associate
Office: 434.766.6622
Director of Applied Research
Office: 434.766.6628
Facilities Maintenance Technician
Office: 434.766.6734
Front Desk Specialist
Office: 434.766.6756
IT Specialist I
Office: 434.766.6744
Manager of Information Technology
Office: 434.766.6716
Procurement Associate
Office: 434.766.6757
Director of Advanced Manufacturing
OFFICE: 434.766.6683
Research Associate – Natural Products
Office: 434.766.6629