Piedmont Governor’s School for Mathematics, Science and Technology (PGS) students in Susan Propst’s chemistry class recently developed interactive science lessons for 70 third grade students from Park Avenue Elementary School in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research.  The elementary school students completed various hands-on activities.  The stations were designed and facilitated by PGS students along with assistance from the Institute’s Advanced Learning staff.  Park Avenue Elementary School students were exposed to a variety of interactive labs including: making slime, the science of candy, making silly putty, and a MENTOS/soda geyser.

“My students enjoy preparing for this program every year.  Our hope is to inspire younger students to enjoy learning about science by showing them how it relates to everyday fun activities,” said Susan Propst.

“We are very thankful to be able to work with the PGS to enhance STEM education for students.  Introducing STEM topics early is a great way to spark their interests.  The PGS students also enhanced their leadership, mentoring skills by assisting with the activities,” said Dana Silicki, Advanced Learning Coordinator at the Institute. 

Piedmont Governor’s School for Mathematics, Science, and Technology is housed at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research for Danville and Pittsylvania County students.  The program provides a challenging, project-driven, research-based curriculum in a technology-infused environment.

Propst added, “One of the third graders stated this was the best day ever.  Seeing their excitement makes all of the hard work and preparation worth it.”

Piedmont Governor’s School students Amelia Porch, Daniel Francis, Jerry Che-Rui (left to right) show the students how to make silly putty.

Cameron Rigney, Layne Larson, and Carter Light (left to right) asks the question what will happen when a MENTOS candy is dropped in soda.

Susan Propst, Kat Ross, Seth Stowe, Tyler Jarrett, Shayna Gomez, Shipra Trivedi, Ali Hill, and Emma Hale (left to right) perform an adventure story involving various chemistry experiments.