The Institute joined forces with economic developers in the region to host the Southern Virginia Regional Alliance (SVRA) in a collaboration to create a strong economy that benefits the citizens of the Southern Virginia Region by promoting the Institute’s footprint through marketing and public relations efforts. 

Economic development is not a short-term initiative, but rather requires detailed research, targeting of need-based opportunities, marketing to attract prospects, and nurturing them to fruition, all in order to enhance the economic tax base of the southern Virginia region.  It requires professional expertise from local economic developers to work with engineering, site plans, local, state and federal regulations, and working hand-in-hand with companies that enter or expand in this region.  

In this spirit, IALR has joined forces with economic developers across the region to market the area collaboratively through the Southern Virginia Regional Alliance (SVRA).  Hosting SVRA and working with the existing support resources of IALR’s applied research, advanced learning and facility and administrative support, enables SVRA to market the region more effectively, by leveraging the region’s economic development assets and IALR’s support infrastructure. 

From discovering needs to marketing the opportunities, and identification of qualified prospects, SVRA works hand-in-hand with our localities and companies to ensure their future success during their announcement and roll-out of job creation and capital investment in this region.