IALR’s classrooms and computer labs are excellent venues for corporate training, computer workshops, and connecting with distant locations via videoconferencing. 

Room Configurations

Classroom 205

  • Total Square Feet: 1,000
  • Theater Seating: 32
  • Pods: 34
  • Oval Conference Seating: 20

Classroom 207

  • Total Square Feet: 1,150
  • Theater Seating: 75
  • Classroom Seating: 45
  • U-shape Conference Seating: 24

Classroom 212

  • Total Square Feet: 475
  • Theater Seating: 30
  • Classroom Seating: 20

Classroom 219

  • Total Square Feet: 475
  • Theater Seating: 30
  • Classroom Seating: 20

Computer labs available, talk to your sales manager for details.

Other Meeting Spaces


IALR’s Atrium is a bright, open entrance that can easily double as a reception, display space or event registration area. The avant-garde design mixes an open, airy feel with shafts of natural light to enhance the architecture of brushed metal and reflective glass. More than just a welcoming point, the Atrium can accommodate dozens of display booths for trade shows and conferences as well as reception space complete with beverages and hors d’oeuvres.



The Executive Auditorium is perfect for training sessions, seminars, presentations, lectures or movie viewings. The classic tiered seating with convenient countertop desks allows plenty of room for books and wireless devices. Surround-sound audio and excellent acoustics enhance the listening experience. Five access points make entrance and exit a breeze.


Business Conference Rooms

IALR’s business conference rooms provide well-appointed meeting space for multiple occasions, especially high-level meetings when a sophisticated, professional environment is essential. With impressive conference tables, plush high-back leather swivel chairs and technology in every corner, these rooms offer your meeting or luncheon the impact it deserves. Flat panel displays, table-mounted microphones, automated window shades and videoconferencing are just some of the features available.


Great Hall

As the Institute Conference Center’s anchor space, the Great Hall provides ample space and flexibility to meet the needs of a broad range of events. With multiple layouts to accommodate both large and small gatherings, it is often used for trade shows, conferences, seminars, trainings, keynote speakers, receptions, dinners and holiday parties.


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