About Our Industry Solutions

The advent of Industry 4.0 has created a new level of competitiveness as workforce challenges and optimization opportunities continue to grow. As technology and automation progress, so does the need to leverage innovative lean manufacturing principles and to recruit the skilled talent necessary for operational excellence. IALR’s Manufacturing Advancement division understands these needs and offers the latest technology, expert instructors and a nationally renowned training program to generate a work-ready talent pipeline. The division is also working to provide future collaborative space for manufacturers to optimize processes and stay on the cutting edge.

Workforce Solutions

Hitting successful outcomes for productivity, quality, safety and other metrics starts with well-trained employees groomed for active leadership on the production floor. IALR houses and finances the Gene Haas Center for Integrated Machining, a nationally recognized, revolutionary program incorporating workplace experiential learning in an educational setting. Thanks to a partnership with curriculum provider Danville Community College, students train in a full-scale manufacturing work flow cell to support a realistic, fully integrated learning experience leading to industry-recognized credentials. In a time of aging skilled workers, the Center’s impact has never been more crucial.

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Resources & Collaborative Opportunities

In an age of increasing competitiveness, collaboration with other thought leaders is a top priority. IALR has built Center for Manufacturing Advancement to house collaborative space for enhancing processes, improving quality, integrating emerging technology and discovering next-generation capabilities through resources like the ISO-certified Metrology Lab and the CNC Machining Innovation Lab. The Center is housed on IALR’s campus in the Cyber Park, home to other manufacturers and partners whose proximity may further enhance cooperative opportunities. Plus, IALR’s Applied Research team may offer research and testing services with product development efforts.

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