In cooperation with strong partners like curriculum provider Danville Community College, IALR’s Gene Haas Center for Integrated Machining offers top-rate advanced manufacturing training for both teachers and students. Precision machining high school and community college instructors can take their knowledge to the next level with Haas Automation’s certification program taught by IALR’s Haas Center, one of only five such certification centers in North America. Students looking to enter a growing occupation field abundant with competitive wages and opportunities will benefit from the Integrated Machining Technology training program, housed and financed by IALR, incorporating workplace experiential learning in an educational setting.


In response to the defense industrial base and employers’ workforce needs, Old Dominion University (ODU) is launching Virginia’s first four-year manufacturing engineering technology major. IALR will serve as ODU’s satellite location for third- and fourth-year undergraduate level classes. Patrick & Henry Community College will launch a corresponding associate degree program, which will eventually be available to all colleges within the Virginia Community College System.


Teacher Training

IALR’s Gene Haas Center for Integrated Machining is one of only four centers in North America chosen by the Gene Haas Foundation to offer CNC teacher training and certification to high school and college precision machining instructors. Completers may earn an industry recognized certificate of completion as well as the reward of elevating their ability to educate today’s students with the technology and skills needed for tomorrow’s jobs. Curriculum and instruction are provided through a collaboration with Danville Community College.

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Integrated Machining Technology Training

IALR’s Gene Haas Center for Integrated Machining, led by experienced and nationally renowned staff, has garnered the attention as a benchmark model for precision machining workforce development. Completers of the college-level precision machining program enter this elite, advanced program to train in a full-scale manufacturing work flow cell to support a realistic, fully-integrated learning experience, preparing them for leadership positions within the industry. Advanced curriculum and instruction are provided through a collaboration with Danville Community College.

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accelerated training in defense manufacturing

The Accelerated Training in Defense Manufacturing program (ATDM) is a prototype training platform for rapidly developing skilled workers to enter the defense industrial base. This four-month training program includes 600+ hours of instruction and produces skilled talent with industry recognized credentials for the following trades:  additive manufacturing, CNC machining, non-destructive testing, metrology/quality inspection and welding.

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