IALR’s Manufacturing Advancement division, along with education and economic development partners, have developed an award-winning, nationally renowned workforce development program for advanced precision machining. Thanks to solid partnerships, cutting-edge equipment, an innovative experiential program and a pipeline starting as early as middle school, the program boasts a strong presence, and its reach continues to grow. Graduates earn industry-recognized credentials and are placed with leading companies like Rolls Royce and BWX Technologies. 


Our advanced manufacturing training programs fit within an award-winning, nationally renowned, progressive workforce training model including:

Middle School

Through the Great Opportunities in Technology and Engineering Careers (GO TEC®) program, middle school students across Virginia learn about precision machining, welding, robotics, automation and mechatronics, and other high-demand career sectors in Career Connections Labs


High school students can earn advanced manufacturing credits through dual-enrollment programs with the community college system, including the Academy for Engineering and Technology and the Piedmont Governor’s School for Mathematics, Science and Technology, both of which are hosted at IALR. Certification opportunities are available.


Building upon the advanced manufacturing credits earned in high school, students complete the rest of their training at the community college level in order to complete their diploma. IALR is pleased to collaborate with Danville Community College and their nationally recognized programs.

Integrated Machining Technology Training

Completers of the college advanced manufacturing training program may apply for an advanced level of education at IALR’s Gene Haas Center for Integrated Machining. Such a move positions them for industry credentials, real-world experience and the opportunity for leadership positions in the workforce. Nationally renowned curriculum is provided through a collaboration with Danville Community College.

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In response to the defense industrial base and employers’ workforce needs, Old Dominion University (ODU) is launching Virginia’s first four-year manufacturing engineering technology major. IALR will serve as ODU’s satellite location for third- and fourth-year undergraduate level classes. Patrick & Henry Community College will launch a corresponding associate degree program, which will eventually be available to all colleges within the Virginia Community College System.

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