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Economic transformation lives at the heart of each and every product and service offered at IALR. For that reason, each division works hand in hand to identify, plan, execute and leverage opportunities for revitalization and prosperity. Every decision, every goal, every metric centers on positively impacting our region’s economy. With the support of equally minded partners, learn how IALR staff create opportunity, discover breakthroughs, lead collaborative innovation, power progress and serve excellence to enhance Southern Virginia’s economic and social well-being.

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Advanced Learning

Creating Opportunity

Creating opportunity on a daily basis, the Advanced Learning department delivers educational and talent development initiatives centered on meeting the needs of regional employers. Multiple collaborations and partnerships inspire, develop, credential and support advanced learning opportunities across the region—aiding economic transformation by generating a skilled pipeline of talent.

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Applied Research

Discovering Breakthroughs

Discovering breakthroughs is not just a goal, but a reality within the labs of the Applied Research division. Each day, the staff focus on projects driven strictly by the needs of industry in order to help foster economic transformation. From Analytical Chemistry and Advanced Materials to Precision Agriculture and Life Sciences and Biotechnology, our services are vast and cutting-edge.

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Manufacturing Advancement

leading collaborative Innovation

Leading collaborative innovation stems from an innate drive to remain globally competitive. Our Manufacturing Advancement division focuses on meeting and exceeding the optimization and workforce needs of new and existing industry to help them do just that. The division employs the latest technology and strong partnerships to generate a highly skilled workforce and offer extensive resources and services.


Economic Development

Powering Progress

Powering progress for our region is a constant focus of the Economic Development division, which works tirelessly to attract, retain and grow industry in Southern Virginia. In partnership with the Southern Virginia Regional Alliance (SVRA) and other economic developers, the division supports a multitude of transformative efforts with marketing, space, research, leadership and more.

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Institute Conference Center

serving excellence

Serving excellence is at the core of our Institute Conference Center (ICC) staff’s every move. State-of-the-art meeting space, 21st century technology, gourmet cuisine and expert staff help aid economic transformation by attracting event attendees from across the globe to Southern Virginia. The ICC also hosts various business meetings and attracts frequent guests to its on-site restaurant, Megabytes.

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