The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR) is located at 150 Slayton Ave. in the Cyber Park of Danville, Va. Its growing campus includes three existing buildings with two additional facilities planned.

Current Buildings

Main IALR Building (90,000 square feet)

The main building sports an impressive steel, glass and brick façade and houses the following four divisions: Advanced Learning, Applied Research, Economic Development and the Institute Conference Center. The latter includes a great hall, classrooms, meeting space, technology labs, research space, an auditorium and an on-site restaurant, Megabytes.

Charles R. Hawkins Building (37,500 square feet)

The primary role of the Charles R. Hawkins Building is to serve as the home to IALR’s Advanced Manufacturing division and the Gene Haas Center for Integrated Machining, which offers an advanced precision machining curriculum with industry-recognized credentials. The center is designed to replicate the real world working experience with quality, high-tech machines, and the program is widely renowned as a benchmark model for workforce development.

Sustainable Energy and Technology Center (SENTEC) (26,000 square feet)

SENTEC, a high-end building with offices and analytical and processing labs, promotes research and development with leased tenant space. Sustainable design features of the building include a rainwater cistern, low emitting materials, solar thermal panels and high solar reflectant roofing, which achieved LEED™ Gold accreditation.

Future Buildings

IALR’s campus will see the addition of the 13,700-square-foot Hawkins Expansion (for near-term temporary space needs of manufacturers), projected to open by the fall of 2019, as well as the 51,250-square-foot Center for Manufacturing Advancement, estimated to become operational in 2021.

Hawkins Expansion

Center for Manufacturing Advancement