The Center for Manufacturing Advancement (CMA) offers a platform for leading-edge business success specifically targeted at manufacturing companies establishing or expanding their presence in Southern Virginia. The CMA allows advanced manufacturing companies to collaborate and enhance processes, improve quality, and leverage production-ready manufacturing optimization services and technology. This collaborative manufacturing technology transfer Center, an investment of $28.8 million, features 51,250 square feet and is administered and managed by IALR.

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Training Top Talent

For years, IALR has partnered with Danville Community College to offer best-in-class training for the advanced manufacturing sector, and now their partnership rises to a new level with the CMA. As industry 4.0 and new technologies are integrated into today’s manufacturing processes, upskilling the workforce is a necessity. Other training partners like Old Dominion University and Patrick & Henry Community College may also leverage CMA training resources for Virginia’s new associate and bachelor’s degrees in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. Synergy will most likely exist with the nearby Department of Defense pilot training program as well. Visit again for updated information on future CMA training opportunities.

Accessing New Technology

As a platform for success, the CMA aims to connect manufacturers with the resources they need to thrive in a growing and advancing field. By enhancing companies’ access to technology and optimization processes, they will be able to launch new production capabilities and technologies like additive manufacturing. Therefore, barriers to entry will be reduced, allowing manufacturers to pursue new adjacent markets and opportunities.


The CMA features two floors, offices, meeting rooms, areas to house support services and the following amenities for manufacturer tenants:

Rapid-launch Facilities

Rapid-launch facilities will enable new businesses to begin limited operations off site during what is traditionally the initial down time as new businesses wait for their factory to be constructed and equipped to support full operations.

ISO-certified Inspection Lab

An ISO-certified inspection lab will provide integrated inspection capabilities required to validate product quality. This service will reduce the start-up phase for a new company.

Process Improvement Labs

Process improvement labs will enable new and existing businesses to improve their processes in a more expeditious manner, thereby ensuring global competitiveness.

Platform for Collaborative Innovation

This platform for collaborative innovation will allow manufacturing companies, technology companies and engineering students to work together to discover, integrate and showcase emerging technology.

Concierge Service

Concierge service will provide the wrap-around support needed by companies during their critical start-up phase.

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