About Certified Work Ready Communities (CWRC)

IALR promotes regional partnerships of employers, educators and workforce developers to address the skills needs of regional employers. As part of these efforts, regional partnerships continue to develop and expand on the ACT Certified Work Ready Community (CWRC) initiative. ACT Work Ready Communities empowers states, regions and counties with data, processes and tools that drive economic growth. The CWRC initiative began as a pilot program to align workforce and education to meet the unique economic needs of the region.

Governor Ralph Northam visited IALR to formally announce Danville’s recognition as a CWRC on March 30, 2018. The Southern Virginia region was the first regional-state hybrid in the country to be selected by ACT to participate in the program. Danville was the fifth community to receive the designation. As of Fall 2022, fourteen localities in our region have achieved and are maintaining their Certified Work Ready Community (WRC) designation. Two additional counties are just one goal away from receiving their Certified Work Ready Community designation. 

13,675 individuals have earned an NCRC in the seventeen participating localities through August 2022. 

Visit the ACT Certified Work Ready Community website for more information on the initiative.

National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)

The WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is a portable, evidence-based credential that certifies the essential skills for workplace success. Employers look for it from job candidates, whether they come directly from high school, work-based learning programs, or through postsecondary paths, because it is a valid predictor of job performance. The NCRC assessment is used in over 40 states to verify the employment skill level of job applicants.

As part of the CWRC certification, localities must reach specific NCRC goals to help quantify the size and qualify our workforce. Employers are encouraged to utilize the NCRC as a tool to help when hiring and/or promoting employees. ACT Job Profiles align NCRC Assessment scores with specific occupations and can be utilized as a predictor of a candidate’s success in the proposed role. IALR currently works with GO Virginia Region 3 employers, schools, and workforce partners to coordinate NCRC testing and enhance participation in the drive toward achieving and maintaining CWRC status. IALR currently has funding available to help partners offset the cost of testing.

Visit the National Career Readiness Certificate website for more information.

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