REACH (Regional Engagement to Advance Community Health) AmeriCorps, a program of the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR), is dedicated to expanding capacity for public health service by providing direct outreach and education services in the Dan River Region. Community health educators will provide individualized support, addressing the region’s most pressing physical and mental health challenges through a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) lens.

We are seeking community health educators to serve approximately 25 hours a week over nine months (September 2023-August 2024) in Danville, Pittsylvania County and Caswell County, N.C. 

  • stipend of $11,500 and tuition reimbursement  
  • Mileage reimbursement for non-host site location travel
  • Approximately 25 hours a week for a week for a service term of 900 hours

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Responsibilities and Requirements

REACH AmeriCorps members will conduct workshops over 40 weeks in targeted census tracts in Danville City, Pittsylvania County and Caswell County. Workshops will be based on specific population health topics, addressing areas of high need and chronic health issues. Members will serve approximately 25 hours/week.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Support outreach events, to include COVID vaccination clinics and neighborhood gatherings.
  • Provide assistance and referrals in helping individuals address social determinants of health to include transportation, housing, food insecurity, economic distress and childcare
  • Refer individuals to REACH Community Health Workers for intensive service and connection to a primary care physician.
  • Collaborate with staff, fellow AmeriCorps members, and partner organizations to develop and support service projects in the primary areas of healthy futures.

Members will receive training and mentoring from IALR staff and site representatives.

Participants will earn a living allowance of $11,500 for a service term of 900 hours over nine months. At the end of a successful term of service, participants will be eligible for a Segal Education Award of $3,447.50, which can be used to repay student loans or for current or future education.

IALR also administers an AmeriCorps program focused on STEM and Literacy education

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