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The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR) partners with District C to provide real-world learning experiences for high school students and innovative solutions for participating businesses. The resulting Next generation Of Work (NOW) program pairs student teams with area companies who pose a problem for the students to solve. Students gain valuable experience and tools in a coached, teamwork setting, and employers gain fresh perspectives on potential solutions … all in a collaborative fashion with potentially deep impact for both future workers and employers.

Benefits for Employers:

  • Proven past performance of model program
    • 100% of past business partners either agree or strongly agree that their experience provided value to them and their business/organization*
    • 96% of past business partners have implemented, or plan to implement, at least part of the solutions that teams proposed*
  • Minimal time commitment of up to five hours
  • Fresh, innovative perspectives of Generation Z received at no cost
  • Exposure to and involvement with the development of future talent

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*Based on District C reports. IALR’s goal is to match District C’s historical impact data with NOW.

Benefits for Students:

  • Unique professional experience working on real problems for real businesses
  • Relationship-building and collaboration with a diverse set of peers and stakeholders
  • Development of four critical career mindsets: Analytical, Design, Collective and Self-Aware
  • Application of design-thinking methodologies to solve hard problems
  • Experience using virtual collaboration tools
  • A free one-of-a-kind experience to highlight on your college or job applications

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Businesses and Organizations we’ve partnered with through NOW

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