The Next generation Of Work (NOW) program pairs student teams with area companies who pose an open-ended problem for the students to solve. Businesses gain a fresh perspective and often connect with future interns or employees.

2024 Business Experiences

2023 Business Experience

Our Ask
We are looking for businesses and organizations that can provide a real business problem for teams of regional high school students (rising juniors and seniors, as well as recent graduates) to solve.

How Does it Work? 

Prep Work with us to identify and define a real problem that your company is currently wanting to solve. 

YOUR TIME: 1 hour

Launch Meeting Meet (virtually) with student teams and answer questions about yourself, your business, and the problem you are facing.

YOUR TIME: 1.5 hours

Feedback Make available two 30-minute blocks of time (online or over the phone and scheduled at your convenience) to hear squad ideas and offer feedback.

YOUR TIME: 1 hour

Pitch Event Hear final solution pitches from student teams, ask questions and discuss their ideas in front of a live audience (online).

YOUR TIME: 1.5 hours


"This experience allowed me to make a real-world impact in my community and provided a basis for the problem-solving process I will have to go through as an engineer in my future career."
Cora Wilson / Academy for Engineering and Technology, Graduate
"We got to solve a real-world business problem, and it felt cool because we were doing something that meant something in school. And we found the root of the problem like we were supposed to. We contributed a lot of new knowledge and ideas."
Gavin Shields / Academy for Engineering and Technology
"When they made their presentation, my biggest regret was that I didn’t bring my management team with me. It was a great professional presentation with some strong data."
Alan Pearce / FasTech LLC
"They did a good job thinking outside of the box. That’s what impressed me the most, was the fresh eyes and fresh perspective from which they looked at the problem. I would do this program again in a heartbeat."
Adam Goebel / Danville Science Center 

The Benefits of Participating

  • Proven past performance of model program
  • 100% of past business partners either agree or strongly agree that their experience provided value to them and their business/organization
  • 96% of past business partners have implemented, or plan to implement, at least part of the solutions that teams proposed*
  • Minimal time commitment of up to five hours
  • Fresh, innovative perspectives of Generation Z received at no cost
  • Exposure to and involvement with the development of future talent

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What Kinds of Problems Tend to Work Best?

Good problems typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Operations/process improvement
  • Culture/human capital
  • Marketing/growth

However, we’re open to categories beyond these. Our team would work closely with you to outline and define a real problem for your business.

The best problems are real, meaningful and urgent. If they matter to you and your business, they will matter to our students.

What Kinds of Businesses Have Participated in Teamship?

Companies across many different industries have found helpful and actionable insights and ideas by participating in the NOW program. Engineering firms, museums, marketing companies, AmeriCorps programs, manufacturers and more!

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