The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR) supports the successful development and implementation of internship opportunities for high school and postsecondary students across the 15 localities in Virginia TOP Region 3. We support and help facilitate internships in businesses, non-profits, local governments and other regional employers.

Paid internships are a win-win strategy that provides unique benefits to both the employers and the interns. As a proven, widely accepted workforce training solution, internships offer students real-world career experience and allow businesses to create talent pipelines and shape their future workforce.

Businesses that are interested in hosting intern(s) should complete the employer interest form or contact Kiana Dillard.

IALR’s work-based learning team helps businesses navigate the logistics of creating an internship program and finding talent. IALR also connects employers with available resources – including matching funds and mentor training – from partners like the Virginia Talent + Opportunity Partnership (Virginia TOP).

Students looking to intern with IALR should visit the IALR internships page to browse available opportunities. 

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Work-Based Learning Coordinator

Kiana Dillard

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Office: 434.766.6653
Meet The Team
"We have two interns, and we would absolutely hire them. They have been fantastic overall—polite, motivated and hard workers."
Robin Marcato / Danville Historical Society
"Overall, this internship has been a great experience for the Chamber and for our intern. We look forward to hosting interns again in the future."
Crystal Hairston / Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce

2024 Summer Internships Calendar

  • Internship Learning Career Preparation ConceptJanuary – March: employers work with IALR’s work-based learning coordinator to add internship positions to MajorClarity and other work-based learning platforms.
  • March – Internship fairs and AspHIRE Mock Interview Days will take place across some Southern Virginia localities.
  • March 1-April 2: students submit applications in MajorClarity.
  • April 2-April 16: employers extend offers and complete processes; students do payroll onboarding if offered.

Summer is not the only time that businesses can host an intern! We encourage businesses to host interns any time throughout the year.

Internship Resources and Support for Employers

Positive friendly African American mentor working with interns in a corporate setting.

Different resources and support services are available depending on the location of the business and whether they are interested in high school or postsecondary interns.

Matching funds are available for postsecondary interns of employers with less than 150 employees and that are located within Virginia TOP Region 3.

  • The Matching Funds Program provides a 50% match of an intern’s wage, including FICA, and a 50% match of additional workplace subsidies
  • The program will provide a match for up to four interns annually for three academic terms or 12 consecutive months per eligible employer.

Virginia TOP provides other support services for businesses and organizations that are interested in hosting interns. These support services include:

  • MENTOR Virginia, a series of training and workshops for mentors, mentees and mentoring professionals to improve the quality of their programs.
  • Program development assistance from iQuasar, including help with job description creation and program planning.

Is your business interested in hosting an intern? Let us know with the form below and our team can guide you through the logistics and process.

Internship Employer Interest Form 

Internship Resources for Students and Parents

Through our partnership with Virginia TOP, we provide Southern Virginia student interns with the following resources:

High school students throughout the 15 localities in Virginia TOP Region 3 also have access to MajorClarity, an online career exploration platform where regional employers post open internship opportunities.

We can help connect students with available opportunities. If you are a high school or college student in Southern Virginia and are interested in paid internship opportunities, please complete the form below.

Student Internship Interest Form 

Regional Work-Based Learning Collaborative

IALR leads the Virginia Talent + Opportunity Partnership (Virginia TOP) Innovative Internship effort serving Southern Virginia. Involving higher education institutions, K12, economic development organizations and employers, this collaborative promotes and develops opportunities for employers and students to connect through work-based learning. It will also help prepare both students and employers for those opportunities. 

Organizations, businesses, economic development organizations and educational institutions in Virginia TOP Region 3 should contact Jessie Vernon about participating in this collaborative.

About the Work-Based Learning Collaborative 

Join the Work-Based Learning Collaborative 

Both IALR’s support of internships across Southern Virginia – and the internship opportunities we provide on our campus – are part of our employer-driven framework to connect students to careers.

Common Internship Questions

What are the benefits of internships for employers?
  • Employing interns allows business leaders to diversify their workforce and tap into fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.
  • Internships serve as a talent pool for potential future employees.
  • Hosting paid interns allows for cost-effective labor.
  • Satisfied interns become enthusiastic brand ambassadors and could become future employees.
What are the benefits of internships for students?
  • Interns gain hands-on career experience and obtain relevant industry skills.
  • Interns have the chance to explore career paths that interest them.
  • Interns develop important soft skills and boost their confidence.
  • Internships allow students to create impactful professional networks and find mentors.
What is the difference between internships and apprenticeships?

IALR also supports businesses in the development and implementation of registered apprenticeship programs

  Apprenticeship Internship
Duration Long Term: 1-6 years Short term 1-3 months (12 months)
Employment  Company employee with no anticipated employment end date Temporary or seasonal
Learning  Structured on-the-job training and related technical instruction required General exposure to industry/work environment through entry-level or project-based experiences
Compensation  Always paid with progressive wages Paid or Unpaid 
Mentorship Mentor required during entire process Optional
Credential  Nationally recognized credential at program completion and other credentials may also be obtained Not typically obtained
What types of organizations can have interns?

IALR helps all types of employers plan and implement internship programs. Local governments, for-profit businesses, utility providers, non-profits and other organizations can benefit from hosting paid interns.